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YouTuber Star JoJo Siwa’s Fantasy House

JoJo Siwa is one of the youngest triple-threats at the age of 18 being a singer, dancer, and actor making her breakout debut in entertainment starring on the Lifetime reality series “Dance Moms” starting at the age of 9. Siwa joined the cast in 2013, building her brand while growing up through collaboration/endorsement deals, entertainment appearances, acting in kids’ shows, making her own music, and starring in music videos. 

Her popularity exploded shortly after launching her YouTube channel in 2015 and has helped to build her net worth to $20 million. Following the success of her fame, JoJo lives in her fantasy home that is like her personality: bubbly, colorful, and sweet. 

Siwa lives in a modern-style mansion in Tarzana, California valued at $3.4 million that might look modest on the outside but is all coloron the inside that was decorated by the dancing diva herself. In the entrance, she features a bold black piano that doesn’t take the attention away from some of Siwa’s most prized costumes from major events and gold records. 

Along with the colorful costume displays is a massive rainbow unicorn statue with columns that look like long lollipops, of course, the unicorn stays on-brand with a massive bow. The entrance might not seem too extravagant, but you’ll feel sensory overload in the ice cream and candy room. 

JoJo is living the dream of having a candy store in your own home decorated with wallpaper resembling ice cream and sprinkles that features candy everywhere. She also has a collection for any junk foodie fan including a popcorn maker, frozen drink machine, nacho stations, and pizza station. 

The sugar high from the candy room will help in the next outrageous room, the game room that features a pool table and a claw machine game. The game room also has a unique slime effect dripping down from the wall inspired by Nickelodeon. 

The game room overlooks the backyard that features a stage that JoJo uses for the weekly performances she posts on her YouTube channel. It seems that JoJo is working on having an archive of everything she has done including a dedicated merch room that is literally covered from floor to ceiling of merch released by JoJo along with her signature massive bow collection. Last February, JoJo completely renovated her room to match her colorful personality infused with her love for candy. 

The best way to describe her new room is a mixture of Willy Wonka, the Candyland board game, and every candy store imaginable. Even her accent furniture is specially made to look like everything is covered in candy. 

For the headboard of her bed, there is a candy dispenser like the ones you find in bulk candy stores featuring some of her favorite sweet treats. Her vanity desk features a sprinkles pattern with a transparent glass top to see through what is in the drawers to hold her accessories and there are even sprinkles in the drawer for a full sprinkle illusion. 

The décor for this room features over 4,000 pounds of real candy with the walls and ceilings painted to look like a twisting optical illusion that creates a unique shape to any ordinary room. All the doors of her room feature her logo just in case someone forgets who the queen of candy is.