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Think Before You Buy – How to Determine If Something Is a Good Purchase

We’ve all seen things at the mall we wanted to buy but not sure if it’s worth it. Most people are riddled with the complexity of making a decision “to buy or not to buy.” In this situation, buying results in buyer’s remorse, and not buying causes guilt. It’s a lose-lose situation, and the person in the middle of all this can’t find peace of mind. If you have been wondering whether your purchases are good and truly what you want or needed, then you are in the right place. In this blog post, we will share tips that will help you understand if something is a good purchase or not. So keep reading to learn more. 

How to Know If My Purchase is Good?

There are several ways of distinguishing a good purchase from a bad one. All you have to do is follow the 3-month rule. Yes, instead of giving in to your shopping urges, you have to wait 3 whole months before you pull the trigger. The extended wait time helps you determine whether you truly needed the things you wanted to buy, or if it was just something you thought was necessary. You will be surprised to learn how many things you didn’t actually want but were about to pull the trigger.

Besides the 3 month rule, you can ask yourself these questions to determine whether something is a good purchase or not. 

1. Can I Afford It?

Whether you are buying something expensive or not, it’s important to ask yourself whether you have extra money to buy it. If it’s not necessary, you shouldn’t be taking out funds from your savings or elsewhere important. Make use of the little money you take out for yourself and buy within the budget. 

2. Is This a Need or a Want?

Sometimes wants come disguised as needs, and we fall for them. Most of the time, the things we purchased aren’t necessary. By a simple twisting of facts, we are tricked into believing that we need that particular item. The best way to determine if your purchase is a want or a need is to go back to the 3-month rule. Just hold your horses before making a purchase, and if you still desire to buy that particular item go ahead because it’s probably a need. 

Final Thoughts

Determining whether something you purchased is good or bad depends on various factors. Sometimes personal preferences and limitations get in the way of making better judgments. However, it’s okay to buy things that make you happy once in a while. Living strictly can take away the happiness of living. To evaluate your purchase but take a blind swing at the mall once a month to treat yourself.