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What To Focus On During Your Home’s Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally here. Time to open your windows to let the fresh air. However, before you do so, we recommend cleaning them first. A thorough spring-cleaning routine is essential for ensuring that the air quality in your home is clean, dust-free, and healthy to breathe. In the long winter months, dust and allergens build up, which may lead to allergies.

To avoid illnesses and strengthen your immune system, we have put together a list of items you need to spring clean. Spring cleaning may sound daunting, but you will get it done with the right checklist in no time. Here are eight items in your home that you need to Spring clean ASAP.   

Carpets And Rugs   

Even though vacuuming carpets and rugs is a regular chore, during spring cleaning, they require some deep cleaning, especially rugs in high-traffic areas. Start by vacuuming your carpet or rug, and then use a cleaning solution to make it shine.  

Area Under The Couch 

The area under your couch is where the vacuum typically does not reach; hence, it requires some thorough cleaning before spring. Start by moving your couch or other furniture items with little space beneath them and dedicate some extra time to vacuuming, especially the corners where dust accumulates.  

Pillows And Couch Cushions  

Your bedroom pillows and couch cushions contain more dust than you realize. If you have had them for a long time, consider replacing them. However, if they only need to be cleaned, you can look at the tag on the pillows and follow the instructions to get fresh and clean pillows.  

Kitchen Hood  

The underside of your kitchen hood is the most overused and under-cleaned area of your home that needs spring cleaning ASAP. You will need a strong degreaser to clean all the grime on top. We recommend using a strong solvent such as mixing baking soda mixed with dish soap and vinegar to achieve the best results.  


Your appliances, such as refrigerator, microwave, juicer, dishwasher, etc., need to be thoroughly cleaned before spring as dust accumulates in areas, we don’t clean daily such as filters of your dishwashing machine, the inner area of the microwave door, etc. DIY cleaning solutions are the cheapest way to do it.  

Window Coverings And Sills 

During your spring-cleaning session, you must also take care of window coverings and sills. Start by brushing off the dust using a feather duster. Then use a damp microfiber to wipe down the windowsills to trap all the dust, and you are good to go!  

Area Under Your Sink   

Most people often avoid the area under your sink as it is hidden. However, it is one of the most important areas to be cleaned to ensure the hygiene of a kitchen. Use a floor cleaner to wipe everything down and ensure nothing has spilled in that area.  

Garbage Cans  

According to research by The Apartment Therapy, garbage cans need to be deep cleaned every month. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to get this task out of the way. Use disinfectants thoroughly while cleaning and ensure that the inside of the can is dry before you insert the new garbage bag.