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Underrated American Cities For Renters in 2021

More and more Americans are now working remote jobs in 2021, and as a result people have more location freedom than ever before and are looking to move. There are many great cities to live in across the country, but some will get you a higher value on rent than others. These are some of the best affordable cities that I would recommend potential renters to look into. 

Omaha, Nebraska

Average rent (2 bedroom)-$1,084/month

Rent in Omaha is incredibly cheap, and given the fact that the average income of the city is around $60,000, the $1084/mo average rate should leave you with some extra money. The city features a nice downtown area full of food and entertainment, and with the rehabilitation of the city’s riverfront area, it should only get better. The only downside of Omaha is the elevated chance of natural disasters such as tornadoes. 

Gilbert, Arizona

Average rent (2 bedroom)-$1,543/month

While the monthly average for renters in this Arizona city may not seem extraordinarily cheap, the fact that the median income in the city comes in at around $96,000 gives Gilbert amazing potential. That number actually puts the city as one of the highest earning places in the country, and the single highest outside of California. If you choose to rent in Gilbert, you should be able to find a nice and clean place for this price as well, with many of the rental properties in the town being built in the past 15 years. 

Henderson, Nevada

Average rent (2 bedroom)-$1,422/month

This Las Vegas suburb not only boasts a reasonable average rent, but it also boasts a reasonable average income at just below $75,000, which makes living here a nice opportunity to save some money. A high percentage of the rentals here come with extra amenities as well, such as pools and gyms. In addition, the city is close enough to Vegas to where you can reap the rewards of living so close to Sin City, while at the same time is far enough to maintain a healthy distance. 

Lincoln, Nebraska

Average rent (2 bedroom)-$981/month

Like it’s Nebraska counterpart on this list, living in Lincoln also comes with incredibly cheap rent (although it is worth noting that Lincoln rentals tend to be smaller than Omaha rentals on average). Also like Omaha, Lincoln has a rapidly growing downtown area with all kinds of entertainment and food options available. There are also parks everywhere in this city, so if you like to get out and walk around this may be a great place for you.