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Tips For Decorating Small Apartments

There is no exact science involved with interior design, and much of this is due to the fact that each living space has its own set of features that must be worked around. This is certainly true in the case of decorating apartments, as the smaller features of the space call for a different strategy in decorating much of the time. Here are some tips to follow if you are looking to decorate a smaller apartment. 

Give The Illusion That The Space Is Bigger

One obstacle that a smaller apartment comes with in terms of decor is that you must be careful to not make the space feel cramped. Through your decor, you can actually make the place seem more spacious as well. A good tip is to place furniture and tables that are a bit lower to the floor so that the ceiling appears to be higher. It is also best to paint the walls a lighter color and even use mirrors to build depth. 

Have A Statement Piece

One problem with apartments is that they may come with unappealing features that you have no control over, such as awkward cabinets that are bolted to the wall. In this case, you need to focus on drawing attention away from these unappealing features so that they seem to simply be an afterthought. I recommend having a bold piece of furniture, or a rug that immediately captures the eye. 

Store Wisely

You will have to store items. This is an inevitable part of any home decor. This can present problems when dealing with smaller spaces as your storage may take up room that otherwise could be used for decorating. It is important to be efficient when storing, and potentially even buying furniture that is both attractive and helps you to store what you need. Remember, the key to decorating a smaller apartment is to eliminate as much clutter as possible.