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Spotting Property Damage Before Breaking

Most of the time, homeowners don’t realize the small signs of damage before it’s too late when something breaks. Avoid potential structural damage by taking notice of these potential signs of damage. 

One of the biggest signs of the structural integrity of a home can be determined by the door in your home that no longer opens or closes properly. You might notice that a door in your home has changed by not closing all the way or the door is now sticky that can be an indication something has shifted in your home. This could simply be something wrong with the doorknob/lock or something complex like warped roofing that can indicate it might be time for a home inspection. 

You might see some small holes in drywall or wood that might not seem too concerning but this can be a sign of termites. If the culprit is termites, there is a grouping of small holes (1/8” diameter or smaller) that are most likely caused by flying termites with the possibility of an active infestation. This might seem like minor damage, but it can become a major problem as it is recommended to get an exterminator to inspect right away. 

One problem often overlooked is a sloping floor that was previously level can be a sign of broken or rotted supporting joists causing the floor to settle in that area. This issue can compromise the integrity of your floor that can get worse over time, and it’s recommended to call a structural engineer that can determine the best course of action for repairs. 

Cracking or peeling paint might seem cosmetic as a sign that you should do a better paint job next time you repaint. This can also be a sign of a potential leak or excess moisture in a room like your bathroom. 

If you notice a small change in your home, try to take note and action to prevent structural damage. The best thing is to consult with home repair specialists on possible damages and what signs to look out for when it comes to home damages.