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How To Transform A Master Bedroom With New Paints And Accents

If you have recently bought a new house, you’d know how significant of an investment it is. For many people (especially considering the extremely high inflation rates), buying a house is a once-in-a-lifetime ordeal. It makes sense when people want to make all the right choices in decorating to make their homes look good. However, home décor, paint jobs, furniture, and fixtures are quite daunting, to say the least. 

While there is no written rule about it that you can go wrong – there are certain things that you’d like them a certain way, and there would be a different way it would appeal to the masses. That’s when things become confusing, and choices huddled up. However, we recommend finding a middle ground if you aren’t too adventurous or bold about your choices, and you can still go ahead with adding personalized touches to your home. 

Master Bedroom Makeover

Hence, when we talk about master bedrooms, people tend to shy away from adding more to them because they naturally want o, but they are afraid if it will appeal to the onlooker. We say let it be because it is your master bedroom, and if you have bought the house (instead of renting), you have nothing to worry about and would be seeing the bedroom more often than anybody else. So let’s put on your creative hats, and let’s get started on your master bedroom makeover: 

Accent Paint Job

We understand that nothing too crazy is desirable here. As a result, we recommend adding a bit of personality to your master bedroom without doing something unusual – an accent paint job. Accent paint is an amazing way to revamp any space and add dimension and personality to it, all in a very acceptable and safe manner. All you must do is choose a color for all the furniture, fixtures, trimmings, and edges and keep the background neutral. 

Contrasting Solids

Accent paint automatically means contrasting solids. That’s why for instance, you can choose black accent paint to color your windows and door trimmings, add a black ceiling fan, curtain rods, and other minimalist features in that striking color while the contrasting background remains solid .It truly makes your room look spacious and allows you to add fixtures of contrasting color while it all binds together beautifully with a neutral background. 

Color Choices

Many people go for a darker accent paint and a lighter background because it makes the room look spacious with a lot more dimension to it. However, you can very easily swap the two-color choices and go from a darker background with lighter accents. However, this will only work if you happen to have a huge master bedroom that doesn’t seem to feel conjoined in on ego. Moreover, it can also work for nurseries or kid’s rooms with little to no furniture. 

Bottom Line

No matter what you choose to work on for your master bedroom makeover, one thing is for sure. We would still recommend for you to go for whatever YOU WANT. It is your house, and nothing can go wrong unless it doesn’t appeal to you. You don’t have to impress anybody or work your way around for things to be acceptable to family or friends. Nobody but you is paying all those bills, so make sure that your home suits your own taste.