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How To Create A Soundproof Space Without Extensive Renovations  

Whether you live in a noisy part of town near the main road or a train station, or you have noisy upstairs neighbors, there can be several reasons you might want to soundproof your home. Soundproofing can be great in keeping unwanted sounds out of your house or even keeping sounds from your house going outside.
Certain rooms in your house may require more soundproofing than others. For example, a nursery, a home office, or maybe a game room would require more soundproofing than a regular sitting room.  We have a few things you can try if you’re looking to soundproof your home but do not want to remove drywall or undergo extensive renovations. Here is how to soundproof your house easily and effectively.  

Retrofitting Drywall   

A great way to soundproof a room is by retrofitting the drywall. This means you can attach another layer of thin drywall to the existing drywall in your room.
By doing this, you can avoid removing old drywall, which can be a hassle and might require professional help, and simply DIY and add on a new layer. The additional layer of drywall will prevent sounds from the outside from entering your room and prevent sounds from inside the room from overflowing outside.   

Hanging Up Heavy Curtains or Drapes  

If you have blinds or flight, flowing curtains in your house, consider replacing them with thicker, heavier curtains or drapes. Not only will they offer you more privacy and help in keeping your rooms dark, but they can also help with sound dampening purposes. Windows are often the entry point for unwanted noise, and curtains can be a cheap and effective way to block off that entry point.   

Placing Area Rugs  

If you have noisy downstairs neighbors or hardwood or marble floors that make sounds echo around the house, area rugs can be a great soundproofing tool. Area rugs can add comfort and style to your house while also acting as an absorbent for unwanted sounds. They can prevent sound from reflecting and bouncing around your rooms.   

Hanging Acoustic Panels Or Soundproofing Foam  

Acoustic panels are a great way to soundproof any room and are relatively simple and easy to install. They can also be found in various sizes and colors to match your décor and the general theme of your rooms. There is, however, the problem of cost. Acoustic panels can be quite expensive, but you might find that they are worth the cost with how effective they are and because you can avoid having to undergo major renovations. A cheaper alternative to acoustic panels is soundproofing foam.
This foam can be easily found on sites like Amazon and is available in different sizes, shapes, and colors, too.  There are various reasons for wanting to soundproof your house or even just specific rooms.
If you’re living in an older house or maybe one that has recently been renovated, chances are you’re not willing to do any more renovation. Try out the various soundproofing methods we have mentioned above to soundproof your house quickly and without too much hassle.