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Composting: Is It For You?

Composting is an easy and sustainable practice that benefits the environment. More people are looking into composting because of its recycling, soil-improving, and easy environmental benefits.
Today, we will discuss composting and present you with a few questions that will help you answer whether composting is an option for you or not. 

Composting: Is It For You?

Composting is a simple and easy way to recycle natural materials from your home and yard for improving your soil by enriching it with nutrients. It essentially involves controlled decay of your natural recycled products.
All your food waste like vegetable and fruit skins, coffee grounds, and other waste, like paper, cardboard, leaf debris, and grass clippings, can be used for composting. You simply create a compost pile, perform minimal maintenance, and let the natural decaying process do the rest till you can add it to your soil. The few material exceptions include meat, dairy, and baked products, oily and acidic food, weeds, and human and pet waste.
However, composting may not be for everyone, and here are a few key questions to ask yourself before you start composting. 

Do You Have Any Use For Composting?

Naturally, composting for the sake of composting would not make sense and you must establish use for your compost before you begin. Whether you compost for gardens, yards, lawns, trees, bushes, flowers, and house plants, make sure you have a purpose for it. 

Do You Have Space For Composting?

While composting is easy because it requires very little space and little to no equipment, you must ensure you have the space for it.
Most people choose a small corner of their yard to pile the compost. However, not everyone has a yard. Others use commercial compost containers, or “composters”, that feature things like lids, compartments for cooking, and pivoting mechanisms to easily flip your compost. Unless you have the space or can build or purchase a composter, you may want to avoid it altogether. 

Are Your Neighbors Okay With The Odor?

As mentioned, composting is controlled decaying, and any decaying results in odors no matter what. You must ensure your neighbors are not bothered by the odors of your backyard composting or any form of composting before you start. 

Do You Have The Time For Maintenance?

Composting requires very little maintenance in the form of keeping the compost moist, turning it over every month, and adding fresh waste. However, if you lack the time or cannot manage the maintenance, you are better off without it. 


If you answered ‘yes’ to all the mentioned questions, congratulations! Composting is a great option for you and the soil you intend to use it for. If you answered ‘no’ to any question, you may want to look for other avenues to contribute to a sustainable, clean, and green environment.
Most people can easily manage to compost, and there is little excuse to not opt for it. If you can find a way to recycle and compost the waste from your home for soil and environmental benefits, you should certainly do it.