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Best U.S Cities For Renters

According to the latest statistics provided by the National Multifamily Housing Council, more than 40 million households in the US are occupied by renters. For reasons ranging from the convenience of renting to cost and even both, more people rent houses than own the property. However, despite the ease, renting can be subjective and differ from person to person depending on their financial and personal circumstances. 

So, to make things easier for you to decide, we have made a list of the top 5 best cities in the US for renters in 2021. From a much concise perspective, understanding the market, affordability, and quality of life the city can offer its people, here are the top 5 cities in the US for renters. Let’s have a look! 

5. Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US, especially after many celebrities have started marking it up on the map. Hence, now the city offers bigger living spaces for affordable rent to house as many people as possible. Additionally, the city has intense foliage to offer, making the lush landscapes a breath-taking view from your house. 

4. Gilbert, Arizona

With lots of advantages for renters, Gilbert, Arizona, has a lot going in favor of the city. It has a lot of outgoing spots like restaurants, bars, and shopping options. Moreover, comparing the rent by the median income you may earn here in Gilbert, only 19% will go up for your bills. Additionally, the city stands by its motto: “Gilbert: Clean, Safe, Vibrant.” 

3. Lincoln, Nebraska

One of the green cities of the US, Lincoln, is probably up there on every renter’s list if you prefer outdoorsy environment living and lifestyle. Every residential area is a few minutes’ walk away from a park, allowing for a nice suburban lifestyle for families with children and pets. Even the crime rate is lower with businesses flourishing the economy. A complete 10/10 for a renter. 

2. Raleigh, North Carolina

Even though you may have to worry about the occasional hurricanes, you may not have to worry about life-threatening crimes. The North Carolina capital records one of the lowest crime rates and promising quality of life thanks to many diverse businesses thriving in the region. Moreover, Raleigh has had a good lineup of newer rentals since 2017, so you can easily get a new place. 

1. Plano, Texas

Although Plano doesn’t have the cheapest rents, the lowest rates of violent crimes and burglaries that provide for the quality of life, greatly affordable newly built apartments, and complimentary amenities without extra charges are what make it number one on our list. However, be ready for the Texas heat. 

All US cities have one thing or the other to offer. Therefore, not all places can best suit people for renting a house. In fact, think about it – New York may not offer a similar living space in $300 per month that a place in Wyoming can. But on the flip side, Wyoming may not offer a similar living standard even in $1000 per month that New York can. So, it may come down to the internal and external conditions and the decision-making factors for the people looking to rent. 

Hope our top picks help you in making your choice. Good luck!